Discount Hotel in Bali Bali is pretty big! Imagine an island that covers the size of 100 times larger than Manhattan and with an array of activities including volcanoes, beaches, temples, forests and more that are scattered across various regions. That being said the idea of establishing a base in various parts on the island can be the ideal option to take advantage of the many things it offers. But, when it comes time to pick the best place the best place to be in Bali there is always the question of which area of Bali is best for me?

Where Can You Stay in Bali


Ubud is the center of Bali. If you’re not into surf and big waves When you imagine Bali you will probably imagine Ubud and vegetarian restaurants as well as yoga, forests and temples, as well as spirituality. The choice of Ubud as a location for your stay when you are in Bali can give you the full impression of the things Bali is all about.

The days you spend in Ubud are filled with matcha-flavored lattes, vibrant smoothie bowls, and fresh food. There are many things to be done, including visiting rice terraces, waterfallsand rice terraces. There are also numerous yoga classes and touring temples.


Bisma Eight is Boutique hotel located close to the centre of Ubud and walking distance to the most popular attractions in the vicinity including Ubud Market and Saraswati Temple. Its 38 bedrooms are elegantly designed, and the pool is infinity with breathtaking views of the forest.

Calma Ubud: this is one of the top hotel options in Ubud. The infinity pool looks out over the rice terraces and is close to the heart of Ubud.

It is the Udaya Resorts and Spa: located in the lush green in the forest of Ubud One among the best features of this resort is the spa. Spa treatments include Balinese Boreh and can come with the famed and gorgeous decorated floral bath.


Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua is where families with children usually stay. Why? Because these white beaches that have blue waters are serene and many large resorts and hotels are located in this area. When you select Nusa Dua to stay in Bali it is not much requirements to move about as you are able to visit the hotel and take advantage of their restaurants, pools and, often their own beach.

In all likelihood, Nusa Dua will provide all the facilities you require to travel with kids or with a group of friends.

Where to Stay in NUSA DUA

The Mulia Nusa Dua: this luxurious hotel located in Nusa Dua is perfect for families, couples or anyone who is looking for a beautiful hotel in Bali. The Mulia is a comfortable hotel with stunning panoramic views over The Indian Ocean.

It is the St. Regis Bali Resort is a resort with a beachfront location situated in Nusa Dua with complete amenities ideal for families with children. You can spend your days here spent on the beach or by the pool.

Conrad Bali: another oceanfront resort that is comfortable and has all the amenities you’ll need to enjoy your stay.

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