5-Star Hotel in Delhi Traveling is among the greatest pleasures of life. The opportunity to get out of our daily life and experience new places and really relax and relax is something to cherish.

Below, we’ll discuss the various hotel room types which are available in five-star hotels and how they are provided to guests in a simple digestible way.

How Many Room Types in a 5-Star Hotel?

A 5-Star Hotel in Delhi can typically provide guests with a variety of rooms, each with distinct amenities, bed size and arrangement. The composition of rooms at a hotel is mostly dependent on the general demographics categories (i.e. business traveler’s couples, families, newlyweds and so on.) who stay in the hotel. Hotels that plan on renovating or adding rooms within their facilities must be aware of the types of guests they have prior to deciding on the types of rooms to be prioritized.

Single Rooms

The most popular kinds of rooms at every hotel can be the one. In most cases, there is only one bed designed to accommodate one couple or for a single person however it doesn’t indicate that it isn’t big. Some hotels might have larger rooms in comparison to others, depending upon the dimensions of the establishment.

Twin or Double Rooms

A twin and a double room will have two beds and the distinction is in the size of the beds as well as the amount of guests who are allowed to stay within the space. A twin room has two single beds which means it’s designed to accommodate a maximum of two guests. A double room it can accommodate up to four guests since it has two beds of the same size.

Studio Rooms

Studio rooms are more flexible than other kinds of rooms. They also aren’t as expensive particularly when you stay in a five-star hotel. Studio rooms are smaller than twins, however bigger than twins. They usually have just one bed; however the bed can be turned into a couch if you’re not in the mood to sleep.

Deluxe Rooms

A luxurious room is among the most requested options of guests staying at 5-star hotels due to its luxury and amenities, but without being extravagant or costly. The room has at minimum two beds that can sleep up to four guests, which is ideal for travelers as a family or smaller families. There is also a living area available, with chairs and tables as well as coffee and tea makers with plenty of supplies.

Rooms With a View

When your property is in a beautiful location most of your guests will appreciate to have an excellent view of the area. The rooms at the top 5-star hotels is a spectacular view of the countryside or city and hoteliers should put a premium on rooms that have.


Suites are available in various dimensions and configurations. They come with different sizes of living rooms, bedrooms eating areas, kitchens and bathrooms. Certain suites could even feature terraces or balconies.

Presidential Suites

A executive or presidential suite is a place that emphasizes luxury and comfort above all else . It’s typically the most costly accommodation in a 5-star hotel. The presidential suite can differ according to the hotel but they’re usually built with the same style like a standard suite however, they have larger rooms, a more elegant décor and many facilities and amenities. Additional facilities and features that aren’t essential, but can provide an improved and more relaxing experience is usually offered inside these types of suites.

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