Get inspired for a wonderful trip to Indonesia

The country of more than 17,000 islands offers a wide range of adventure opportunities. For the sheer variety of experiences offered, it’s difficult to beat Indonesia.

Rich Indonesian Diversity

The fourth-most populous country in the world is almost 100 countries combined into one nation. It’s a kaleidoscope, a nation that stretches along the equator for 5000km. Indonesia is a country of many cultures, peoples and animals. It has many sights, sounds, art, food, and customs that defy homogenization.

People are as diverse as the landscapes they see. Deep and rich cultures have developed over time, from the spiritual Balinese religion to the animist beliefs system of the Asmat people in Papua.

Beaches & Volcanoes

You’ll find a stunning landscape in Indonesia that is as varied as any other place on the planet when you travel across it. The multi-layered coastline of Sulawesi is home to white-sand beaches, diving spots, and Sumatra has nearly 100 volcanoes that march off into the distance.

Bali’s beaches are legendary, but you don’t need to travel far for beautiful and less-travelled beaches in Nusa Tenggara. There are also stunning beaches at Banda Islands in Maluku, Derawan (Kalimandan) and Pulau Weh (Sumatra).

Amazing Spectacle

Dramatic sights are the norm. The sublime: An orangutan lying in a tree. The graceful: A Balinese dancer performing moves that would make any robot look ungainly. The idyllic: A deserted stretch on Sumbawa of blindingly white sand. The amazing: crowds in a Jakarta mall. The fascinating: stories of the bizarre history of the Banda Islands. The ominous threat of the Komodo dragon is heartbreaking. The tasty: A south Bali restaurant. Borobudur’s peaceful magnificence is solemn.

Great Adventure

This land is a place of intoxication that offers some of the most amazing adventures on Earth. You can sit in the open doorway of a train as it whizzes across Java, looking out at the empty sea, while you board a ship bound to the Kei Islands. Or, you can ride on Flores on a scooter and circle the corner of an old West Timor village, or just wander through the lush jungle.

Adventure in Indonesia is amazing because it can happen when you least expect it. An orangutan swinging in the trees Surfing breaks on remote islands? Yes, and yes.